Dubbyman “Krazy Menu EP”


Second release for the Bucketround label, owned by young producer Manuel Costela a.k.a. Oval Future Face, who has already demonstrated
with his previous prodcuctions his sonic armory of break beats mixed with elemts of 80s electro.

For this outing he makes way for Dubbyman (Deep Explorer, Minuendo, Tranquilo) who offers a delicious selection from the Crazy Menu.
First served is the main dish Delay Fish, tasty slices of electro on a bed of minimal dub.

To follow is Acid Risotto, a generous side dish of tender grains with a sweet and sour Detroit flavour. For gourmet addicts of minimal with texture.
For desert, confectioner extrodinaire Ernie is brought in from his kitchen at Minuendo Recordings.
Delay Fish remix is a crisp techno sorbet with extra chunks of dub frequencies to clean the palate.

A.1 Delay Fish (Original Extended)

B.1 Acid Risotto

B.2 Delay Fish (Ernie remix)


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