Above Smoke “Outbreak EP”

sideA -- Above Smoke & Oval Future Face-sideB -- Loudeast & Barna Sound Machine

The third shot in the young life of the Bucketround label is a perfect strike oriented to different types of dancefloor.
Above Smoke (Deep Explorer Music) brings a creative and chamaleonic tune where mixes different elements with dare. It begins broken, continue deep and ende in a complete kunky orgy with a funny 80¥s taste.
The collection of remixes is simply brillant.
Oval Future Face (Bucketround recs) takes the elements of the original to offer the deeper remix of the ep.
Nacho Marco (Loudeast records, Odori..) however transforms the keys of the compose in a 4×4 acid bomb!
Finally to close we got the funk part of the ep with Barna sound Machina. He breaks the breaks and hot the floor with his sexy rhythm..
Taste it all, bro!!!

A.1 Outbreak (Original)

A.2 Outbreak (O.F.F. remix)

B.1 Outbreak (Nacho Marco remix)

B.2 Outbreak (Barna Soundmachine remix)


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