Oval Future Face “La Danse de l’Hibou EP” (Pablo Bolivar RMX)

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La Danse de l’HibouThe fourth release with Bucketround follows the path left by his past references, not disregarding the exploration of new horizons.

Oval Future Face (Bucketround Recs) grants us his peculiar way of understanding electronic music.
Avoiding the hype or settled guidelines ”La Danse de l’`hibou” brings us right in the middle of the night where nocturnal birds of prey hunt.

We are in front of his deepest work so far, full of details and rhythmical shifts shrouded in minimal sound with its own soul…
as if it was meant to be just for this work, it is apt for lounge listening, dancefloors or even forests.

The re-mixes collection does no fall short on quality Pablo Bolivar (regular recs)
As usual everything he touches turns into gold and this time Pablo does not disappoint.
Nimble groove full of hectic changes and sudden pauses enriches this melodic remake.
A real dancefloor hit.

A. La Danse de l’Hibou (Original)

B. La Danse de l’Hibou (Pablo Bolivar Rmx)


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