Bucket is back with Deep Encounters Vol.1

Bucketround presents “Deep Encounters Vol.1” This will be a series where we can listen to the best producers in deep house music, this time we have on the vinyl to “Jesus Gonsev” (Trouble Kids/Spain) with his magnificent “”Terminal 5″” raising the essence of deep to a state of rhythmic beauty powerful chords.
On the same side is the unbreakable “”Tominori Hosoya”” (TH Pressing/Japan) with the strong and amazing “”Strider Practice”” unpredictable melodies in tune with your mind and with each beats.
The B-side is impressive also with the track by “Allstarr Motomusic”(Deepart Sounds/Switzerland) “”Pulsate”” the best musical structure agreed with synthesizers drawn from a prodigious mind.
Finally we have to “Manuel Costela” (Bucketround/Spain) with the latest work “”Mind Purveyor”” a composition taken from the soul of this great producer a track very focused on the dance floor and with some spectacular and harmonious changes.

Manuel Costela “Tentacles Of The Deep EP”



Bucketround presents the eighth EP written and produced by Manuel Costela, 3 tracks and the remix of Tominori Hosoya (Japan) inspired by Japanese Middle Ages, when mythological monsters wake up from the Deep.

“Omibozu (Original version)” is a trip of rhythms and percussion in the middle of a survival battle in the purest sound of American deep house style. “When Craken Show Up” provides us with a delicious fragrance and textures from the reefs, mixing feelings with the voice of the composer. “Omibozu remix” is the powerful touch of Tominori Hosoya “Tomi Chair” (HQ Pressing-Japan) and the dance floor face of the monster directly from Pacific ocean. “Tentacles Of The Deep” is the relaxing movement of the EP, from the caves of the darkness and naughty voices of Andrea Rocha to enter the depths mixed with Manuel Costela’s piano.


special thanks to Andrea Rocha, Tominori Hosoya, Jose Manuel Alvarez, Javier Alvarez and Antonio Martin.




BUC-MAD-CAL_(caratula umibozu)_15-05-09

Bucket 008…

pista 1

The Umibōzu is said to live in the ocean and capsize the ship of anyone who dares speak to it. This spirit’s name, which combines the character for “sea” with the character of “Buddhist monk,” is possibly related to the fact that the Umibōzu is said to have a large, round head, resembling the shaven heads of Buddhist monks. Alternatively they are demonic Yōkai (spectres) that appear to shipwreck victims and fishermen. They are believed to be drowned priests, and exhibit the shaven head and typically appears to be praying. It is usually reported as having a grey, cloud-like torso and serpentine limbs.

According to one story, if angered, they ask that the crews provide a barrel that it proceeds to fill with sea water to drown them. To avoid this disastrous fate, it is necessary to give him a bottomless barrel.

Edo-period obake karuta card depicting anumibōzu

This folktale is likely related to another Japanese tradition, which says that the souls of people who have no one to look after their graves take refuge at sea.

next release by Bjak out now!

side A Bjakside B Bjak

This time Brian Cullen “BJAK” from Chicago, gives us an excellent and delicious “Dusk Til Dawn EP” with touches of deep and soulful grooves inside his special style, could not miss the collection of Bucketround, in this release, we have the opportunity to delight in a work of great quality for 2015, with the remix of the owner of Bucketround, “Manuel Costela” aka “Oval Future Face”…HeadBuckets stay tuned !!!


Out now! Giorgio Luceri feat. Fantasy “Blame it” (Includes Dubbyman remix)


Bucketround back with this new release by Giorgio Luceri (Mathematics Recordings), this time with the vocals by Marco A. Berry FANTASY (EDM/House Music). Soulfull grooves in the personal way of only how Giorgio Luceri can do it. It includes a hipnotic deep remix by Dubbyman (Deep Explorer Music).



A.1  DREAM VOCAL (G.Luceri/Marco A. Berry)

[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25102240/A1.%20BLAME%20IT%20(DREAM%20VOCAL)%20DEMO.mp3]

A.2  6D22 BEATS (G.Luceri)

[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25102240/A2.%20BLAME%20IT%20(6D22%20BEATS)%20DEMO.mp3]


[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25102240/B1.%20BLAME%20IT%20(DUBBYMAN%20REMIX)%20DEMO.mp3] 





G to web


G. moves first steps in South Italy in the beginning of 00s with piano lessons, machines and records, focusing and meeting not only the universe of underground dance music.

In 2011 he was signed under the Brooklyn label of Runaway duo aka Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral: On the Prowl Records, in the first 12” fourtracker called “6D22”.

In 2012 happens the meeting with Jamal Moss’s Mathematics Recordings from Chicago with the EP “Eternamente” distribuited by GrooveDIS all around the world combining different styles and interpretation of dance music.

In 2013 the debut album with Mathematics: “Voices In My Head”


M to web


“This Brooklyn born singer, songwriter and producer has been following his dreams for years, turning fantasy into reality. Breaking into Traxsource Top 100 he once again capturers the imagination, minds, ears of party people on the dance floor. Using his soulful vocal blends, lush baritones and silky falsettos to inject emotional charged lyrics that resonate with his audience. He continues to contribute to EDM/House Music scene with his unique talents Internationally sought after by producers and labels for his authentic brand of traditional house music vocals. Producer/DJ Masa Sutela returned Fantasy to the mainstream on Traveller Records, Finland with the chart topping vinyl releases from Creation EP “Deep” and “Reach Out” featuring Carlos Sanchez. Both releases received critical acclaim becoming favorites among the European dance community.

Building on his international apparel he followed up with the world-renowned producer Tony Loreto. Debuting their track “Feast or Famine” performing it live at the 2012 Winter Music Conference (WMC) to rave reviews. This allowed him to solidify a home for a release on New Generation Records, marking yet another charting release. Canadian producer Paso Doble was equally impressed, quickly picking up The Dementia Ep produced by Brain Ellis with mixes from William Muzikman Bagley for Melomania Records to publish.

Demand for his talents have not been limited to over seas, here in the states producers and dj’s have rediscovered the vocalist immense talent eagerly anticipating his projects to remix his signature vocals to their master mixes. The chart breaking track “Pledge” paired Chicago Abicah Soul , New Jersey Joseph “Joe Flame” Davis and Baltimore Allen “Speedy” Jackson on remixes that have the dance floor wanting more.

¬FANTASY has been fortunate releasing music in among several genres ranging from Deep Soulful House, Hip Hop and Acid Jazz. His discography dates back to the 90’s. He first charted in 1986 with the Hip Hop group Citi Heet with the cult hit “Begging Billy” produced by New York Knick legend Earl “The Pearl” Monroe. His first solo record the 1996 hit “Drop Zone” and “Waiting to Inhale” co – produced by Kim Lightfoot solidified him early in the deep house community. Being a true lover of live improved music he paired with Eight Ball records co founder Smash Hunter on Newbreed Records with the acid jazz chart topper and No.1 hit “LOST”. It’s seldom to find an artist that nature projects with such dedication from start to finish. Fantasy records, mixes and masters all his projects, releases and videos at his Black Ball Productions studio in Philadelphia.

Taking extreme measures to insure the integrity of his music, he directs his own music videos releasing them on his Youtube channel. From his channel alone he has over 300,000 video views with 70,000 views from Fantasy house music video playlist. The vintage filmed “Deep” is one of several of viewer’s favorites as well as the emotional biographical “Your Eye’s” Soulful House video from the Dementia EP. It’s evident in his powerful stage performances that they are heartfelt dripping with intense devotion. He continues to enjoy performing in Music Festivals, Burner Events Nightclubs and Lounges thought out the country in place like Miami WMC, Bklyn’s Coney Island Boardwalk, Playa Del Fuego Delaware, New York Sapphire Club, etc. He has appeared on Cyberjamz, Deep House Lounge and the Diamond Dee Show Internet radio programs reaching out to fans everywhere. Fantasy continues reaching new audiences with each new track and video release. He is grateful for his new found popularity and acceptance that has expanded his longevity in the music industry. Believing that you can never stop dreaming, he keeps turning his dreams into reality.”


D to web


José Manuel Alvarez, also known as Dubbyman, made his debut as a DJ in 1992, hidden under the name of José Vertice. Acid house, funk, drum&bass and hip hop were just some of the ingredients of his firsts sets, backed up by his collective Dogs Connected.

Latter incursions into dubbed house and electrofunk sounds took him to visit most important clubs in Madrid like Deep and Danzoo, while maintaining his own club, Freak. By 2002, and thanks to his new facet as a producer he became Dubbyman, moves his residency from Freak to Café Bar Las Descalzas and expands his sessions across Madrid, in clubs like Morpheus, Ohm, Taboo, Deep, Danzoo,or Goldfield and outside, in places like Le Club (Valencia), El Sol (Salamanca), Telefunken, House café, Foxx (La Coruña), La casa de la música (Badajoz).

In 2006 he finds the most highly recognition for his participation in Sonar festival 2006 making a powerful session mixing dub with black music. 2007 was a year of consolidation with his showcase in Observatori Festival in Valencia and a great comeback to Sonar 2007 sharing turntables with the cream of the Dubstep UK scene (Kode 9, Oris Jay and Mary Anne Hobbs.

The next years, he was playing and “exploring” in many different clubs around the world  (London, Lisboa, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bratislava…) and festivals as Freerotation 2010. Before the summer break of 2011, he finished the tour in a sucessful week in Chicago sharing decks with Bjak & Julio Bishop from RealDeep, Daryl Cura from Eargasmic  and Specter (Tetrode music).

Nowdays he and his brother Above Smoke still running the Deep Explorer Music label since 2003, where release their music and other recognized artists as Larry Heard, Mike Huckaby, Nick Sole, Specter, Kai Alce, Rick Wade…and the list goes on and on….

Also his latest gigs over the world spreading the word, he keeps producing for other labels as NDATL, Ornate music, Altered Moods…



Dubbyman “In God’s Country EP”



gods back

Original version written and producced by Dubbyman

recorded at the Hole of Dub Studio,courtesy of Deep Explorer Music

Scott Fergusson appears courtesy of Ferrispark Records.USA.Oval Future Face

remix by Manuel Costela. Bucketround Records

A.1 The Dawn

A.2 The Dawn (scott Ferguson Rmx)

B.1 The Twilight

B.2 The Twilight (O.F.F. Rmx)


Oval Future Face “La Danse de l’Hibou EP” (Pablo Bolivar RMX)

galleta_bg04_Back_web copiagalleta_bg04_web copia

La Danse de l’HibouThe fourth release with Bucketround follows the path left by his past references, not disregarding the exploration of new horizons.

Oval Future Face (Bucketround Recs) grants us his peculiar way of understanding electronic music.
Avoiding the hype or settled guidelines ”La Danse de l’`hibou” brings us right in the middle of the night where nocturnal birds of prey hunt.

We are in front of his deepest work so far, full of details and rhythmical shifts shrouded in minimal sound with its own soul…
as if it was meant to be just for this work, it is apt for lounge listening, dancefloors or even forests.

The re-mixes collection does no fall short on quality Pablo Bolivar (regular recs)
As usual everything he touches turns into gold and this time Pablo does not disappoint.
Nimble groove full of hectic changes and sudden pauses enriches this melodic remake.
A real dancefloor hit.

A. La Danse de l’Hibou (Original)

B. La Danse de l’Hibou (Pablo Bolivar Rmx)

Above Smoke “Outbreak EP”

sideA -- Above Smoke & Oval Future Face-sideB -- Loudeast & Barna Sound Machine

The third shot in the young life of the Bucketround label is a perfect strike oriented to different types of dancefloor.
Above Smoke (Deep Explorer Music) brings a creative and chamaleonic tune where mixes different elements with dare. It begins broken, continue deep and ende in a complete kunky orgy with a funny 80¥s taste.
The collection of remixes is simply brillant.
Oval Future Face (Bucketround recs) takes the elements of the original to offer the deeper remix of the ep.
Nacho Marco (Loudeast records, Odori..) however transforms the keys of the compose in a 4×4 acid bomb!
Finally to close we got the funk part of the ep with Barna sound Machina. He breaks the breaks and hot the floor with his sexy rhythm..
Taste it all, bro!!!

A.1 Outbreak (Original)

A.2 Outbreak (O.F.F. remix)

B.1 Outbreak (Nacho Marco remix)

B.2 Outbreak (Barna Soundmachine remix)

Dubbyman “Krazy Menu EP”


Second release for the Bucketround label, owned by young producer Manuel Costela a.k.a. Oval Future Face, who has already demonstrated
with his previous prodcuctions his sonic armory of break beats mixed with elemts of 80s electro.

For this outing he makes way for Dubbyman (Deep Explorer, Minuendo, Tranquilo) who offers a delicious selection from the Crazy Menu.
First served is the main dish Delay Fish, tasty slices of electro on a bed of minimal dub.

To follow is Acid Risotto, a generous side dish of tender grains with a sweet and sour Detroit flavour. For gourmet addicts of minimal with texture.
For desert, confectioner extrodinaire Ernie is brought in from his kitchen at Minuendo Recordings.
Delay Fish remix is a crisp techno sorbet with extra chunks of dub frequencies to clean the palate.

A.1 Delay Fish (Original Extended)

B.1 Acid Risotto

B.2 Delay Fish (Ernie remix)

Oval Future Face “Stay (Deep Explorer remixes EP)”


This is the first release of Bucketround Records with collaboration of Deep Explorer
guys, Manuel Costela aka Oval Future face presents “Stay”,good mix between beats and
new york deep house, saxophones and vocals running through the whole song melodically.
Second track mixed by Dubbyman twisting lines and rhythm more slow on this downbeat version.
and finally Above Smoke choose other song “Lost in Detroit” of Oval Future Face for fun…
this remix respect the original version except for an aggresive form of drawing and coloring
that’s sounds of bass…summarizing this release is a good beginning of bucketround.

A.1 Stay  (Original)

A.2 Stay (Dubbyman Downbeat remix)

B.1 Lost in Detroit (Above Smoke Remix)